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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Intro to Dog Mushing

Copper all bundled up on top of the couch

Blue lounging on the papasan chair

Frankie and Lily take a client around a short loop.

The "Dog Shack"

The temps dropped into the 20s and it snowed lightly all day. We had a booked day with 4 clients in the morning and 4 in the afternoon. Due to the current trail and lake conditions, we can only currently offer an Intro to Dog Mushing experience around a short loop that includes an educational kennel tour. The guests don't seem to mind the lack of options right now and their smiles and eagerness to ask questions and participate are telling us that they are satisfied with their experience.

With this type of experience, its also nice for the dogs as two different dogs get to take one client on each short run. Everyone gets a turn to double lead. I do think they're wondering why its over so quickly but the time will come, when conditions are right, that they will be glad they get some shorter runs now and then.

The little mascots, Copper and Blue look forward to their long evening walk when I take the short trek down to the Gunflint Lodge Conference Center to check my email and update the blog. Its a nice large room and Blue gets to chase after the ball as I type. Copper, however, waits by the door for visitors. That's his thing.

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