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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Tuloon/Bazil Puppies Have Arrived!

Tuloon and Bazil

Six healthy puppies arrived September 26th 2007.

Tuloon and pups.

After being in labor since 5PM on Tuesday, Tuloon had six healthy puppies yesterday by C-Section. The vet thought that since the puppies were so large, Tuloon just stopped pushing because she was making no "head-way", so to speak and unfortunately, a C-Section was the best choice.

It took Tuloon a couple of hours to get acquainted with them and it took them a little time to wake up fully and begin to do what newborn puppies do(drink, squirm and then sleep again). Rejection of the puppies after a C-Section is always a possibility so she had constant supervision for the first four hours. We knew that when she tried to crawl into the little box they were all warming up in, the motherly instinct was very much intact and there were no further worries.

Mom and her 3 male and 3 female pups, are all doing well as they rest peacefully in the plastic kiddy pool in the laundry room off my office. The heat lamp keeps them nice and toasty as Minnesota Public Radio plays softly in the background. They get hourly visits as I check to make sure all is well in puppyland.

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