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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Tuloon/Bazil Female Puppies

The little light girl with white triangle between her eyes weighed in at 14.7oz at birth. She has been the most vocal so far and is the most assertive of the girls, at this stage. Since she has Tuloon's coloring, she'll be referred to as the "T" girl for now.

This little girl with the white eyebrows and white nose has been as quiet and easy going as the male with the white flash between his eyes. She weighed 14.9oz at birth. I'm afraid I am not as imaginative right now with a reference for this little girl. She'll be referred to has White Eyebrow Girl, for now.

The white nosed little girl with the dark black and copper face seems to always be at the milk bar. She is not as assertive as others but when there is an opening, she's right in there. She weighed 14.8oz at birth. Again, imagination escapes me and this little one will be referred to as White Nose Girl for now.

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