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Sunday, September 2, 2007

Tuloon Update

Tuloon is glowing.

As she tries to get out of the den she re-dug.....

Tuloon is progressing in her pregnancy nicely and its quite obvious that she has lost her girlish figure. She has 20-24 days until her due dates. She continues to eat the gourmet meat patties I prepared for her along with her normal 38/25 Redpaw kibble. If its too muggy outside, however, she tends to skip a meal or two.

Becoming a little more "testy" with the males and the puppy, Tuloon makes it clear when she wants them to stay away or calm down. She continues to stay friendly with Sweet Pea. I think she recalls the early years when Sweet Pea "raised" her after her arrival at Points Unknown when she was 8 weeks old.

Within the next couple of weeks she will be taken out of the kennel with the other dogs and get used to spending more time in the house where she will have her puppies. She's a natural house dog and comes in often so the transition will be relatively smooth for her. I'm not sure how disappointed she'll be about not being able to have her pups in the den she re-dug into the hill in the back yard. This den was originally dug by the grandmother to these pups, Jessie in 2002 and then re-dug by Icoa in 2005 after it was filled in.

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