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Monday, December 31, 2012

Irish/Ilo Puppies; 3 Weeks Old

Baby New Year - 4lbs

Navidad (Tiny Tim) - 3lbs 8oz
Jingle - 4lbs 10oz
Dreidel - 4lbs 15oz
Solstice - 4lbs 7oz

Hanukkah - 4lbs 9oz

Kwanzaa - 4lbs 14oz

Festivus - 5lbs 4oz

The puppies are very active now and when not sleeping, are playing with each other. We introduced solid food yesterday and it was a hit! The room temperature has slowly been lowered and the heat lamp has been off for a week as we continue to acclimate them to lower temperatures so that they can soon be in their indoor/outdoor puppy pen. Irish is becoming increasingly destructive in the house and being outside with the rest of the dogs will do her good. The indoor portion of the outdoor combination pen has an insulated floor and walls. There is a heater that will keep the temperature nice and cozy, giving the puppies the option of staying inside or going outside into the cold. Once the pups are more mobile, we'll make the transition to this new pen.

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