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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Introductions; Lee Ann Swenson

Lee Ann with her MacKenzie River Husky puppies at home in New Jersey

Lee Ann with our Zulu at one of our adventures in 2009

Lee Ann Swenson comes by her deep love of the wilderness through her Northern Minnesota heritage and over a decade of Canadian living. After corporate burn-out and frustration, Lee Ann "bought the farm" and now lives in Northern New Jersey, enjoying a second career fueled by medical writing and transitioning into a sustainable working farm lifestyle. With her eye on this new direction, Lee Ann has completed courses in advanced cheese making, French cheeses, and artisan bread. Lee Ann has also won several awards for her preserves, which she will include in her cooking on our Beginner Adventure.

Lee Ann has a deep connection with animals and currently her pack includes 4 sled dogs, 3 horses, 2 goats, 17 chickens, 3 cats, and a parrot. Her expertise in manure management makes her ideally suited as one of our dog handlers. In addition, Lee Ann has attended several Points Unknown adventures since 2007, including the exciting "Run your own Iditarod" event in 2009. Over the years, Linda Newman has been one of Lee Ann's primary dog sledding mentors and teachers. Building upon her love of these dogs, Lee Ann has recently begun to spin "Sled Dog Chiengora" yarn for her knitting to add a new dimension to their farm.

Beyond dog sledding, skijoring, and cooking, Lee Ann is an avid equestrian who successfully competes in hunter/jumper events. 

Lee Ann will our chef for the Points Unknown Women's Winter Adventure 2013.


  1. Awesome!! What a great addition to the team she will make! Way to go LeeAnn!!

    1. I'm very excited! I've been promoted from just feeding dogs and picking up poop to feeding people too:) Although I'll also be doing a good bit of helping with the dogs... harnessing and moving dogs, hooking up sleds, getting gear out, putting gear away, untangling harnesses, playing with puppies, stealing dog hair,scooping and melting snow, etc etc etc - I can't wait!!