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Monday, December 17, 2012

Irish/Ilo Puppies; 1 Week Old

Baby New Year - Male - 1lbs 6oz - He is lighter framed like this sire, Ilo and just as sweet and laid back. 
Navidad (AKA Tiny Tim) - Male - 1lbs 5oz - Like his brother, Baby New Year, and sire, he is lighter framed and just as sweet and laid back.

 Jingle - Male - 1lb 13oz - This boy has typical Hedlund markings and is comparable in size to other males in previous litters. His eyes are slowly trying to be the first to open.     
Dreidel - Male - 1lbs 14oz - Appearing to have a different body type, at this age, than the others, Dreidel is a hefty boy. We believe his coloring and markings comes from a throwback to the Joe Redington Sr traditional Alaskan lineage in our Hedlund line.
Solstice - Female - 1lb 13oz - This little girl is Irish all the way. She looks just like her mamma did at this age and we suspect she'll have the same rusty colored coat.
Hanukkah - Female - 1lb 13oz - She is the ring leader, thus far. When she whines for food, she gets everyone else going. She's a feisty one!
Kwanzaa - Female - 1lbs 15oz - She and her brother, Dreidel have the same body type and markings that we believe are throwbacks to another line within our Hedlund lineage. This big girl is sweet as can be.
Festivus - Male - 2lbs 2ox - This boy has typical Hedlund markings and is the biggest male, thus far. He is very long and is the largest puppy, despite being last born. He suspect that he will be a nice size adult, comparable to the biggest males in our kennel.

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