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Friday, May 25, 2012

Taking the Leap

For Sale! Very dog friendly. Bring your dreams and make them a reality on this "land of opportunity"!

Well, I did it. Today, after over 20 years of appraising real estate, I did the inspection on the last home before I leave the profession for a very long, to take a much needed sabbatical.

I've been dreaming of this day for years. I enjoy many aspects of the real estate appraisal world but dislike most with a passion. The stress and pressure to meet strict deadlines and the general dysfunctional and toxic dynamic of doing appraisals for the mortgage industry finally got to me. I had been doing more than just mortgage appraisals for several years and had enjoyed the relocation and legal work. The mortgage appraisals that weaseled their way into my schedule just ruined it for me. Ever-changing guidelines meant to make the industry a "better place" actually make it more difficult for the appraiser to do the job they were being trained and hired to do. Additional requirements by lenders seem to continuously question the competency of the seasoned appraiser and at the same time, go completely against the federal guidelines in place for the industry.

I've served as an appointed member of the MN State Appraisal Advisory Board for a four year term with the intention of helping to improve the industry, only to find that the politics were so thick I couldn't see straight and that the newly appointed commerce department representative wanted us there like he wanted a hole in the head. Enough is enough.

This decision also falls in line with our goal of simplification and comes at a good time considering our Points Unknown Watertown, MN location will be officially listed for sale over the weekend and it will take more of my time to keep the place presentable.  Did I mention we also break ground on our northwoods property next week?! You can see a photo album of the Watertown property by clicking here.

Moving Scent from Nature, our beeswax candle business, forward before our move is a big goal so, the time not spent appraising and keeping the house and property maintained will be put to good use. Then, of course, it will soon be State Fair time and this is our third season with the MN Honey Producers State Fair booth contract. This is our organization's yearly fundraiser and we go through TONS of honey and bee products in just 12 days. Now, that is a big production!

Our biggest passion is our sled dogs and the adventures we have with them and the times we share them with others. Points Unknown will be offering our Oake Lake Adventures here in Watertown if we are still here this winter. If we sell the Watertown location and move up north before winter, we will be offering our True Northwoods Adventures in our new Hovland, MN location. The month of February will be spent doing our remote adventures in the northwoods no matter where we are living at the time. It's difficult for us not to know where we'll be this winter but I've learned over the years to work on remaining flexible and "letting go" of the outcome of which we have very little control. It's all about enjoying the journey!