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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Building Project Update

Dad vacuums in his spare time. It's not like there's dog hair everywhere......
While Neil's been back in England working, my dad flew up from Arkansas to help prepare our Watertown home for its official listing for sale by June 1st. You can view the photos of this property by clicking here. A list price will be posted soon!  My dad wanted to make sure that, before he came, he knew there would be ample work for him to do. He didn't plan to sit idle. I think his wishes were fulfilled. I greeted him with four pages of "stuff" that needed to be done. He did everything from vacuum in his spare time to repairing things, to lawn work, to power washing the deck. I'm really not sure he had enough idle time!

Emerald Green metal roof and Hickory colored soffits and window trim.

H8 Cement Fiber board siding. Final color yet to be determined.

We also took a very big step in our Irish Creek Road Homestead project today when I wrote the check for all of the building materials for the shell and interior wall structures of the 70x30 building that includes our new home and beeswax candle workshop. (big gulp) This will be Phase I of the project with Phase II to follow once our Watertown property sells.

Later this month, I head up to Hovland to meet our site preparation contractor to sight the elevation of the house and then he can begin the building pad with the foundation soon to follow. We'll be building on a slab with 4' footings. Our carpenter friend from the Watertown area and his three helpers are planning to drive up with Neil on July 9th to begin the construction!

During the construction, another family member, nephew Andy, flies up for a visit to help with all of our projects. Shortly after and right before the State Fair begins, Olive, my wonderful mother-in-law flies in from England to help during the MN Honey Producer's fund raiser at the State Fair. Thank goodness for helpful and thoughtful family!