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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Momentous Occasion

Ten dogs in the yard. Can we come in?

This is truly a momentous occasion for us at Points Unknown; having 10 dogs running free in the yard together. Why, you ask? You've seen more dogs than that running free together at dog parks, you say? Well, those dogs don't live together. Big difference. And those dogs are not all northern breed working dogs that have a tenancy to be more pack oriented with a strict hierarchy. Our dogs also did not all grow up together which also makes a difference. We've brought a few in as adults; adult males at that!

One big reason this is so big for us is that Points Unknown started with Inuit Dogs. Inuit Dogs are the only indigenous breed to Canada and they are an extremely primitive breed of dog that has a pack orientation similar to that of wolves. They constantly vie for superiority and the consequences for not submitting can be very horrifying to someone not used to seeing such a physical and bloody display. Needless to say, we got very used to chaos in general and were lucky to have more than two out in a play group together, wanting to avoid this type of display. Being extremely people friendly, we were never worried about our safety or that of our clients but the concern for the other dogs was weighing too hard on us and therefore, Inuit Dogs were not replaced when they left us. And also needless to say, this is why we set out to develop a kennel with a very laid back and relatively easy-going culture about it. I'm happy to say that we've done it!

I've got to say that I have seen some personal growth in that direction, as well. Interesting, isn't it, how what is going on in our lives and who we are, at the time, tends to be reflected in the dogs we choose or, in many cases, the dogs that choose us.