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Monday, December 19, 2011

Topa/Oken Puppies; 4 Weeks Old

Silver Bay (Misquah) - 6lbs 4oz
Temperance - 6lbs
Grand Marais - 6lbs 1oz
Tofte - 6lbs 7oz
Lutsen - 6lbs 4oz
Gooseberry (Irish) - 6lbs 5oz
Arrow - 6lbs 11oz
The puppies spent their first night outside last night! Our mild temperatures are good for something. It was in the upper 40s yesterday and upper 20s overnight which made the transition very smooth. No one chose to stay in the "hot box" part of the dog house with two heat lamps that keep the temperature in the upper 70s to low 80s depending upon outside temperatures, so they must  have been warm enough. The indoor dog house is located in a shed and it has an insulated floor and is insulated on two sides by straw bales. The pups and Topa have access to the outdoor portion of the kennel at any time but few have chose to venture too far just yet.

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