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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Topa/Oken Puppies; 2 weeks old

Silver Bay - 3lbs 1oz - A serene puppy. Appears to be very much like Topa at this age
Temperance - 2lbs 15oz - Another calm and serene puppy,reminding me of Topa at this age
Grand Marais - 3lbs 1oz - More vocal than the silver girls and very sweet and wiggly.
Tofte - 3lbs 4oz - Has been the one that climbs up on top of mom after feeding and has done this since day one. Very aware of my presence
Lutsen - 2lbs 14oz - Reminds me of a little fox. She is quiet but voices her opinions loudly, reminding me of her Grandma Tuloon.
Gooseberry - 2lbs 15oz - She is still quite a character with lots of outspoken personality. Reminds me of my Zulu line pups.
Arrow - 3lbs 3oz - Has a similar presence to Gooseberry. Vocal and active.

The Topa/Oken puppies turn 2 weeks old today! Topa is a deep Hedlund line Alaskan Husky and Oken is half Hedlund and half Points Unknown's Zulu line. We're excited about the mix!

Eyes were open at 11-12 days and they are aware of each other and also of when I am in the room. They get handled every couple of hours. The room temperature was originally at 85 degrees or hotter depending upon whether the pups were under the heat lamp. Since they will be introduced to the great white outdoors in just a few weeks, we are slowly lowering the temperature of the room. It is now at 75 degrees. Puppies can't regulate their own body temperatures until after 3 weeks and we're noticing that with the temperature decrease, they are tending to cuddle more but still are very independent puppies, wandering off to their own part of the whelping box much of the time.

The puppies and Topa were wormed last evening. Our worming protocol begins at 2 weeks and goes every other week until they are 8 weeks old. First Parvo/Distemper shots are not to be given in this line until after 8 weeks of age with a second booster given 4 weeks later.

From the scratches on my hands, it's time to trim puppy nails again!

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