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Friday, August 5, 2011

What Once was Thought Lost, is now Found!

Chester is on the left.

Chester, a half Hedlund line/half Will Forsberg line Alaskan Husky.

Our Hedlund Husky Preservation program has made an extraordinary find! Several years ago three out cross pups were brought into our program. McKenzie, a deep Hedlund line Alaskan, is the sire and the dam is a Will Forsberg line Alaskan. Two of the three were fixed early on due to potential issues that could be passed down to offspring. Wanting to keep the line as viable as possible, these were necessary measures. The third has not been made accessible to the group by his adoptive placement. We thought we had lost this line forever and continued our preservation efforts in a positive light and direction, with the lines currently available to us.

Then, thanks to the efforts of one of our members, we found Chester! Chester was the fourth pup held back by the owner of the dam and then later placed with a wonderful couple that seems to cherish him as much as we cherish our Hedlund Huskies. Debbie describes his personality and demeanor as what we had concluded are the key characteristics of our ideal Hedlund Husky. What an amazing discovery! From photos, he appears to be a structurally sound, thick coated, handsome male that we are very excited to get to know better. The very best thing about finding Chester is that we have also found someone, in his new owner, that is excited to learn more about this amazing line and is glad to participate in any way she can if it means preserving something as special as her most inspiring and beloved furry friend, Chester.

To learn more, please visit our Hedlund Husky Preservation website or the blog.

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