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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Our Cute Little Copper Mascot


It's hard to eat a chewy with only one front leg. You try it!

Copper has been with us now for 9 1/2 years! He adapted quickly to country living, after having been picked up on the unfriendly streets of the big city. About a year into his new home as our cute little sled dog mascot, Copper knocked one of his front shoulders out of joint on a file cabinet while doing the crazy puppy run. After months of rehab, the leg would not stay in place and we determined that the best option for this little guy was to remove it all together. It was such a difficult decision. You've got the fate of a little life in your hands. Looking back, it was the best decision we could have made.

After getting over the initial emotional reaction(depression) to the loss, which took Copper a good two weeks, and after figuring out a new way to move, he soon became his old self again. He can still run so fast that folks who don't know him have no idea that he only has three legs until he stops and tries to jump up on them for attention. The only other visual difference that occurred after the loss of the leg was that his once straight down-turned ears began to curl up at the very tips from all of the hopping he does when he moves more slowly. That just made him even cuter.

He's our little ambassador here at Points Unknown who helps teach our guests that life is good and just because you're a little bit different, (and we all are) doesn't mean that you can't go in the direction that your passion moves you and have an even more fulfilling life than a "dog" that appears "normal" on the outside but doesn't go out and be the best dog they can be! Go on, romp in the woods! Fetch those sticks! Roll in the grass!(but if it's something smelly, don't come back to me for a cuddle)

We love our little Copper Doodle.

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