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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Illy's Foot Injury

I know I'm allowed on this couch.

I'm not the least bit comfortable on this couch.

What in the world IS this thing back there?

Topa keeps a close eye on Illy as she checks out all of the nooks and crannies of the house.

The onset of a crazy puppy moment.

Poor Puppy! Illy has an unexplained foot injury. We didn't see it happen but know it was likely caused by typical puppy monkey business gone awry. She began limping just a little then it accelerated to more than just a little with the increase in swelling around her back left, outside toe.

The upside of her injury is that she'll be spending a lot more time in the house which always helps create a stronger individual bond. It's difficult, when you've got 17 dogs, to give them an even amount of individual attention, all of the time. She'll also be forced away from Aise during her recovery which will help them each learn how to be a little more independent instead of so codependent. I just didn't have the heart to kennel them apart prior to this turn of events, regardless of what the critics say, because they always seemed so unhappy that way, more so than any other litter mates I've raised. At that point, you just need to decide what's most important and move in that direction. There are certainly also downsides to having two puppies "too" close when working in a sled dog team. Each situation and dynamic is so different, there is not one "right" generalized answer. So, moving forward, they are apart for the next few weeks until Illy can go back to normal play.

Being in the house with Illy also means that we've got to manage the submissive peeing. She and her sister seem to be fountains when it comes to greeting all of the other dogs in the kennel. So, when she's inside with other sled dogs, she's had to have some cute denim pantaloons on with a thick absorbent pad inside. She's managed to stop this behavior for the little house dogs even though she does see them as above her. Thank goodness.
As you might imagine, after a week of being on "bed rest", Illy is literally bouncing off the walls, the sofas and the occasional coffee table even when I've been working so hard to keep her still. She'll be off the anti inflammatory meds in a few days and we'll see how she does but I think a flat out run in the yard is out for a couple of weeks. On a happy note, she should be 100% by the time she begins her first EVER fall training with the adult sled dogs in October!

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