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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Points Unknown Canicross Hikes 2011 - Willow River

Oken pulls so hard that it takes two of us for resistance.

Mira, Ziggy and Eli cool off

Annie has a "zen" moment by the waterfall.

Crossing over the bridge

Ziggy shows us some tricks

Mira showing her stuff   

My buddy Oken
One of our favorite hikes; Willow River State Park! I can feel the "burn" in my thighs from our steep decline to the waterfall. Despite myself and Eli both being attached to Oken, I still had to give some intense resistance so as not to go careening on my rear end down the hill. "Easy" is a command that takes some time to teach a focused dog with a strong instinct to pull.

 The reward is always taking a rest by the falls, soaking in the pools of water that form below them and listening to the meditation inducing sound of the rushing water.

The weather cooperated with temps in the low 70s, however the humidity was uncomfortable for the dogs so our hike ended earlier than planned and after another dip in the river up from the falls, on our return to the trail head.

Kristen and Ziggy
Shannon and Mira, a beautiful and super social Siberian Husky, joined us for the first time. I think that Shannon discovered that Mira does actually have some of that inborn pulling instinct after all. Just a reminder - you don't have to have a northern breed dog to come along on our hikes, as witnessed by the large, black, short haired, and floppy eared Ziggy pictured to the left!

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