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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

New Kennel Complete!

Digging out the black dirt so that a Class 5 sand/gravel base could be put in place

Neil set up the new kennel so that, in addition to having two gates to the outside, there is one on the inside so that the two pens can be one large pen

Water buckets, dog houses, shade fencing and shade cloth; its done!

We've had the kennel walls up since the end of March but due to the lack of a proper base it has been sitting uninhabited since due to the lengthy mud season. Last weekend Rich came over with his big green tractor with a bucket and in all of four hours, we had ourselves a completed pen!

Last year at this time, poor Rebecca dug out the black dirt from the adjoining pen, shovel full by shovel full and then we hauled the Class 5 base into the kennel wheel barrel load by wheel barrel load until it was complete several weeks later! What a difference it makes to have a machine (and competent driver) that can do this for you! Rebecca did say, however, that when she went home, she had the best tennis game ever due to the built up strength in her arms created by the pen construction.

Many thanks to Rich for taking the time out of his busy day to help us with our new kennel. Now we won't be cramped when he brings Kenzie and Wahya over for a "vacation" in August.

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