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Saturday, June 18, 2011


Thumbs up to this rainy sled dog day

 Brushing Sweet Pea

Of course the dogs don't care if it's raining

Hailey came out to visit us today and spent the entire day outside in the pouring rain with the dogs. That is dedication! She brushed the dogs, fed them, let them out in play groups, bleached water buckets and sat with them on the deck while they played.

Having a busy summer ahead of her, Hailey wanted to get some sled dog time in before she heads off in one of the many directions (mainly north) she'll be going this summer before she begins college in the fall. YES! Our Hailey has graduated from High School this year and will be heading off to college! It's no surprise that she'll be heading up north for school and studying things having to do with the outdoors.

We couldn't be more excited for her as she begins college life and wish her all the very best! We love you Hailey!

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