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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Tuloon and Zala Spayed

Zala and Tuloon just arriving home from the vet.

Plans were made prior to the fair to have Tuloon and Zala spayed before fall training began, which is historically October 1st, so that they can be healed and ready to run! They went in on Tuesday and are recovering nicely. They are both so good in the house and have caused absolutely no trouble. I recall having Inuit Dogs in the house after a spay and having to keep them tied around my waist so they don't eat anything (including the little house dogs) and don't pop their stitches from their exuberance!

It was a bid sad and considered the "end of an era" when Tuloon was fixed. She has had two exceptional litters. That was enough for her and now it is time for her (and us) to not have to be concerned about those hormones that flair up a couple times a year! Having two less females intact will create less tension in the dog yard. Wimzi, White Feather and Topa will be the new generation.

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