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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Ari Goes to Obedience Class!

Ari at obedience class.

What fun it was to take Ari to obedience class yesterday! He arrived shortly before the State Fair rush began and I have been absent and feeling very bad about that. He's been fitting in well but I want him to be more bonded to me and taking him to obedience class will help to lock this in more quickly.

He did a great job for our first time. We've got an excellent trainer that seems to be spot on when it comes to diagnosing canine behavioral issues. She validated my suspicion that Ari is an extreme Omega and this is where his fear aggression was stemming. He had the attitude of "I'll get you before you get me". He also has some over exaggerated social behaviors that scare the other dogs. Once he's gotten to know them he no longer feels the need to fly into their faces and wrap his mouth playfully around their necks.

I've had an issue with Ari's recalls. He appears to want to come and has good eye contact but when he gets close he veers off and averts eye contact. This behavior didn't appear to be the same that you'll see from a playful or defiant dog that really doesn't want to come and is just teasing you. After discussing this with our trainer, we are suspecting that he is doing to me what he would do in the pack; coming close to the "leader" or "alpha" then remaining detached so as not to cause conflict. He is being an extreme Omega. He remains close and lets me scratch his head or his back but will not come near my face. It will be fun working out different training methods to use on this boy. But generally, he should be treated like any of the other dogs and expected to do something in exchange for something he wants. This will make him feel as though someone other then he is in charge. Omegas desperately need to know that someone else is in charge otherwise they become very nervous and difficult to handle. All in all, what a wonderful boy he is!

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