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Sunday, September 26, 2010

McKenzie and Wahya's New Home

Rich and McKenzie

Lexy with McKenzie

Wahya with Lexy

Their new house!

Their new kennel!

I had the opportunity to spend some time this morning with Rich and his human family and new canine family additions. Wahya and McKenzie have been with them now for three weeks and appear to be very comfortable and settled in their new home.

They've got an enormous kennel that, when the gate is open, leads up to the family's deck. Both dogs go for a bike ride and a run with Rich every morning. The bike ride is so that Rich can actually handle both of them on the canicross run and be able to keep up. They want to go fast!

Nine year old Lexy has been working with them on "sit", "down", "shake" and "stay" and has done a pretty nice job! I've been told that Juniper, their senior cat, has been providing a lot of entertainment for the dogs from the windows above.

Both dogs will be skijoring with Rich this winter in various events and also spending time with us at Points Unknown for some of our events. Later in the winter, they will be joining us on our Advanced Women's Adventure in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness. Neither have been on an extended stay in the BWCA before so this will allow for some fun new experiences for both dogs.

I was so happy to see the dogs and people as happy as they were during my visit. I believe we've found a good fit for everyone!

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