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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Zulu Grandpuppies Born 01/24-25/2010

The lone male with striking colors and markings

Black female

Zulu colored girl with white on left side of her face

Zulu colored dark face girl

Zulu colored girl with white flash between eyes

Lighter Zulu colored girl with white on right side of her face

Happy mamma Zimbi

Yesterday I had the pleasure of visiting Zulu's grandpuppies that were born earlier that morning. Zimbi is the late Zulu's daughter and a sister to Points Unknown's Klaus and Sweet Pea and lives in a neighboring kennel. She gave birth to six healthy pups; five girls and one boy.

As for the sire, Phoenix was the chosen one and when his performance didn't give Zimbi's owner confidence that the job had been properly completed, Q, a Tuloon/Bazil puppy from 2007 was introduced into the breeding. This would not typically be done, however, since Zimbi is at the end of her optimal fertility window, he wanted to be certain that her precious genes were passed down before it was too late. The end result is a litter in which some pups may have been sired by Phoenix while others, by Q. DNA testing will be the only way to determine parentage. Either way, the two sires in question are of excellent lineage and have extremely good performance as working sled dogs and desirable temperaments and structure.

Two of the girls will be joining us at Points Unknown and we couldn't be more excited! Since grandpa Zulu passed away last week, the arrival of these pups is timely and has even more special meaning for us here at Points Unknown.

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