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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Oake Lake Adventures

Welcome to Points Unknown!
Photos by Long Doan

Klaus shows Lan how to harness while whispering in her ear.

Klaus and Tuloon

Waiting to go.

Linda's Team

Rich's Team with Zala and Phoenix in lead.


Topa play fighting with White Feather

Sweet Zulu doing what he did best in retirement. This was the last photo of Zulu taken prior to his passing that evening.

We are so excited to be providing Oake Lake Adventures this year at our Watertown location!

There are two to choose from. Our guests spend an hour and a half with the dogs, learning to harness and work with them then we head out on the lake for a dog sled run. Running the team themselves while the musher sits in the sled is always an option, once out on the lake and after a quick safety orientation. Our second adventure is three hours in length and gives our guests more time with the dogs and two runs on the lake.

We hosted our first Oake Lake Adventure this past weekend. Temps were in the high 20s and low 30s which is great for guests and just a tad too warm for the dogs but they did great and everyone had quite a lot of fun as you've seen by the photos. Rich, our occasional dog helper and friend, got a chance to do his first solo four dog team run, following the main team and guests. Very nice dog mushing, Rich! It helps when you have a strong connection with the dogs and Rich truly loves working with the dogs.

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