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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tuloon/McKenzie Litter Due Soon!

In the lower, right hand portion of the x-ray, you'll see the little spins.

Getting used to her whelping area

Trying to stay cool in the air conditioning when it is 95 degrees outside! (yes, in Minnesota!)

Tuloon is still very concerned about her photo being taken in this "state". Apparently, she isn't too keen on being so overweight and out of shape. She actually weighs almost 3 lbs more during this pregnancy than she did in 2007 about the same time so she has done a good job of keeping a little extra fat on her ribs this time around. Of course, one might think this extra weight means more puppies which was a thought until the x-ray she had last Friday seemed to indicate she would be having six puppies again! That is, unless there is one hiding.

It is important to us to know how many pups we can expect so we know when she is done and we can be off guard duty. The x-ray isn't harmful to the pups or mom. The puppies are counted by looking for their little skulls then following their spines. Six little sculls were easily seen.

We have been busy preparing Tuloon's whelping area. She will have her pups in a plastic kiddie pool lined with comforters that will be located in the laundry room which has a ceramic tile floor for easy clean-up and to help maintain a sanitary environment. As always, there will be a stereo nearby tuned in to Minnesota Public Radio to keep her company during those long days of nursing. I also like to think that the puppies benefit from the classical music. Studies have shown that human babies form brain connections that would not be formed otherwise, while listening to classical music. Might this do something similar in puppies? It certainly can't hurt. I will say, however, that I won't advocate playing jazz to a litter of pups. There is something peculiar about the litter we had that was raised on jazz music........they turned out to be wonderful dogs and excellent leaders but seem to have this very bad incurable habit of jumping up on the kennel walls, gates or people. They just can't seem to keep their feet on the ground no matter how hard they try! I'll just blame it on the jazz.

So Tuloon's pups are due any time between June 25th (this Thursday) and July 1st. Her temperature will be taken twice a day beginning tomorrow night. When it drops below 99 degrees she will likely have her pups within the next 24-48 hours. In 2007 we had company during her due date that proved to be too much stimulation for her and we believe this is why she required a cesarean section. This year, all visits were planned around Tuloon's whelping dates and there will be no one but myself and possibly Melanie, our kennel helper present for the whelping. The vet have indicated that a natural whelping can occur after a cesarean section and this is our hope.

The anticipation continues to grow the closer we get to Tuloon's due date. A litter of puppies is such a joy and not a responsibility to be taken lightly. These little guys have all had homes with either Points Unknown or with another kennel in our Hedlund Husky Preservation Program since before they were conceived. This litter is very special in that it will be a deep Hedlund Husky line breeding. Since we discovered that Tuloon is one of only TWO deep Hedlund Husky females left, it was extremely important that we do our part to preserve this line and make certain that her daughters continue to pass along their extremely valuable and cherished genes. The Hedlund Husky line is truly amazing. Ask anyone who has had the privilege of being in their company. Please go to the Hedlund Husky website for more information.

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