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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tuloon Turns 5 Years Old Today!

Tuloon leading with Klaus last winter.
Her daughter, Zala, from the Tuloon/Bazil litter is running behind her.

Tuloon at 5 years old is several weeks pregnant with what will be her last litter.

The princess turns 5 years old today! Time sure flies! I remember just returning from Alaska with her and being amazed that this 9 week old pup was on a mission exploring the huge back yard by herself with all the confidence in the world. Our bond became so strong that she now follows me around that same yard, helping to keep the rest of the pack in order.

Tuloon had an unfortunate injury when she was a pup and had surgery on one of her back legs. This surgery caused her to be "toed in" on that foot. It tends to self correct when the muscle is built up once we begin our fall training. Because of this, she will likely develop arthritis at an early age so she is being monitored closely for any discomfort. So far so good! She is a great leader and trail breaker so I don't look forward to her possible early retirement.

Tuloon has developed a strong bond with the little house dogs and in the off season, spends much of her time watching over them as they cruise around the back yard.

Happy Birthday to Tuloon!

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