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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Another Birthday! Zulu Turns 13 Years Old.

Zulu, last winter, in full winter coat.

Zulu at 13 years old.

Again, I find myself amazed that time flies by so quickly! I can't believe my #1 lead dog is 13 years old. As the story goes, Zulu was the type of leader that could almost read your mind. Just as the command was coming out of my mouth he was on it! He could go down the middle of a lake, not a shore in sight, and go exactly where I asked him to based upon a quiet voice command.

He was fully retired last season. His arthritis didn't allow him to run in harness for more than one hundred yards. His age hasn't stopped his attentiveness to my wishes, however. Now that he is a full fledged house dog he gets some new commands - "Don't kill the toy." "Don't eat that." "Leave Copper alone"(Copper is the little daschound/poodle mascot he tries to steal toys from.) And when I give him the command to get into his crate, he turns on a dime from the other side of the house and runs directly in. It has been a challenge keeping him busy but I've finally found a toy that he can't destroy. He enjoys that in the evenings while we all take some time to relax on the sofa together.

Happy 13th Birthday Zu!

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