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Monday, June 16, 2008

Tuloon Turns 4 Today!

Tuloon after returning from our winter adventures 2008

In lead with Klaus winter 2007-2008

Taking over Copper's crate thinking it a good place to have her pups

Tuloon with six beautiful and healthy pups in September 2007

October 2007

2005 after surgery. Still smiling!

April 2007

Tuloon at 4 mos old

At 8 weeks old

Picture sent from Alaska when Tuloon was 4 weeks old

The little princess is four today. We traveled to Alaska in 2004 to bring Tuloon, a Hedlund Husky from Mush Knik Networking, home. Shortly after her arrival she had an unfortunate injury when a well meaning teenager, more familiar with cats, tossed her like one. This caused a stunted growth of a bone in her back right leg requiring surgery. Miss Tuloon spent the majority of her first year and a half in the house, being waited on paw and foot and became very accustomed to this treatment, thus the nickname "little miss princess".

She recovered from her surgery and began training in the team and right up in lead with Klaus. It took some time to make her aware that it wasn't alright to just do as she pleased up there, that she did have to follow my direction. After all, I am the one giving the commands, not her. (Right?) She was just amazed, at first, that I would even consider stopping the team to walk up and inform her that I would appreciate it if she didn't do whatever she was doing at the moment. "How dare you", she must have thought, "I am the princess you know." Every now and again, she will still get a little stubborn about what direction she thinks we should travel but does come around more quickly.

Tuloon spent last winter up in open country lead with Klaus, taking some pretty challenging commands and working under a vast array of conditions. She earned a great deal of my respect. Prior to the winter she produced some awesome pups with extreme focus and drive, and all, for some odd reason, think they are somehow royalty, just like mom.

Happy Birthday Miss Princess!

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