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Saturday, June 7, 2008

Canicross Hikes 2008; Carver Park

The hike begins in a pasture and continues down through the woods to the Parley Lake. Zala makes sure the others are close behind.

A dip and a tangle in the lake

Once beyond the lake, the trail leads up to a picnic area.

Break time in the shade

Following the dirt road allowed us to be rid of the mosquitoes for the most part.

Coming upon the restored Grimm Farm

Temps were in the upper 70s for today's hike and there was high humidity. Many of the dogs attending had yet to shed their thick winter coats so we kept the hike relatively short at approximately 3 miles. Mosquitoes were also an issue today and were mainly a problem close to the lake which is a lower lying area. Once up on the road for our return, there was a breeze and virtually no mosquitoes.

Carver Park is a 3300 Acre Park Reserve. The park reserve is the home of the Lowry Nature Center which is the first public environmental education center of its kind in the state of Minnesota.

The trail we chose today took us right by the restored Grimm Farm. The historic Grimm Farm is where Wendelin Grimm, an immigrant from Germany in 1857, developed a hardy strain of alfalfa.

The park has rolling hills with vistas the overlook the many lakes. Thick forests abut the lake trails. Carver Park is home to many waterfowl and birds of prey.

Our "German" Sled Dog turned out for the hike, joining our Alaskan Husky and Siberian Husky crew. Conan is a German Shepherd and pulls as hard as any of them.

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