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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Isis Turns 10 Today!

Isis - Spring 2008

Isis - Fall 2003 (with Amaruq)

Isis came to Points Unknown as an adult with very little socialization and no training. She went from just plain scared and unruly to a seasoned, well mannered sled dog in no time. She's now in her retirement years, beginning them this past winter when she was diagnosed with hypothyroidism. She's content to roam the back yard freely with her friend Tukisi and take on all of the luxuries retirement brings as long as she does get to run in the team now and again.

Isis, like most Canadian Inuit Dogs, demands your full attention. She loves to be brushed but only as long as she's in control of the length of time she's being brushed, then its off to the business of patrolling the yard for chipmunks and taking a dip in the 65 gallon stock tank in the yard.

Happy Birthday to Isis!

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