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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Puppy Training




The 4 month old pups spent their first day away from their pens and on chains today. This is a necessary step in training so they feel comfortable living in different circumstances. While at home and in the off season, they will be living in large pens in groups. Here at the lodge, pens for all of the dogs aren't feasible so chains attached to axels are the way they will live. While out on the trail, they will learn to stay on tie -out cables that are attached to trees or ice screwed to the lake.

They did extremely well and only protested for a moment every now and again. This training is leading up to the Points Unknown Women's Winter Adventure (PUWWA2008) in February where they will stay on a tie-out cable with the adults.

As a reward for being so good during this lesson, they each got a chance to spend some time inside with the house dogs as well.

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