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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Freight Sled

The runners and uprights are made by Mike Falls in Wisconsin. This season, he also made the entire sled minus the roping and lashing. This was my recent project. I wanted to add a smaller freight sled to the 11' freight sled I already have. Having a lighter sled will make it a bit easier for the dogs to pull up those steep hills in our Highlands Adventure at the lodge.

The foot boards were ordered from Cold Spot Feed. The brake is a mighty one and is a Mike Falls design. I added turnbuckles attached to quick links and then to eye bolts to more easily tighten up my ropes. The top of each turnbuckle is attached to roping.

The brush bow is reinforced with steel that creates a more aerodynamic appearance and a more sturdy brush bow.

The uprights are made of 14 layers of laminated ash. The cross bars are solid ash.

The runners are also laminated ash with screwed on runner plastic.

The cross bars, including the cross bar for the brake, are lashed with pull start chord.

The beginnings of the roping.

The completed sled gets the approval of Zulu, the Lead Dog Extraordinaire.

1 comment:

  1. Beautiful sled!

    What wre your thoughts on a basket froeghter versus a toboggan freighter?