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Monday, April 30, 2007

Inuit Dog at the Mall of America

Ilu as a 6 month old pup, now nearly 2 years old.

You read it right. Last Saturday Ilu and I spent the day at the Mall of America in Bloomington, Minnesota. Neither of us is fond of malls or shopping but we did get a kick out of the people watching activity.

Points Unknown was asked to give a sled dog slide presentation and talk for the Ron Shara and Raven(the black lab) Minnesota Bound Experience at the Mall of America. Ron Shara and Raven are local celebrities that host a television show called Minnesota Bound that can be seen on Sunday evenings. We were in the company of the Bloomington K-9 bomb sniffing squad, the Minnesota Disc Dog Club, The Minnesota Raptor Center and Ron Shara and Raven herself.

Ilu, being still quite young and inexperienced with such extreme social outings, acted like a professional and was calm and collected the entire day. Those who have seen him during hook-up in front of a sled, know that he can be anything but calm and collected. This big, black, bear of a dog let toddlers crawl on him, teenagers kiss and squeeze him and everyone who offered a hand, pet him as he rolled on his back with legs in the air. His eyes were glued to the disc dogs as they were catching disc after disc being thrown by their humans to loud rock and roll music but he never made a sound or even attempted to go grab a disc for himself. Good dog, Ilu.

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