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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Rayna/Arrow Puppies: Birthday on Turkey Day

Granite - Male - 1lb 4oz
Vistonic - Male - 1lb 3oz

Gucci - Female - 14oz
Lobo - Male - 1lb 2oz

Tikan - Female - 1lb 3oz

Flame - Female - 1lb 2oz

Typhoon - Male - 1lb 2oz
Coco - Female - 1lb 2oz

After over 24 hours of labor, Rayna had eight healthy puppies on Thanksgiving Day and what a day it was! Sleep is NOT overrated. We have a half and half crew with four males and four females. We chose our puppy names out of the lineage of the puppies as these puppies represent three different lines in our kennel. Typhoon, Flame and Gucci are named after relatives/ancestors in the Bassich line. Coco and Granite are named after relatives/ancestors in the Zulu line. Lobo, Vistonic and Tikan are names found in the Hedlund lineage. One thing noted about these particular pups it that they absolutely hate being picked up by the scruff and have yet to get used to it. We do this with all of our puppies at an early age to desensitize them. Not quite working yet with these pups.

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