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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Rayna/Arrow Puppies: 2 Weeks Old

Granite - Male - 4lbs 5oz
Vistonic - Male - 3lbs 14oz

Gucci - Female - 3lbs 5oz

Lobo - Male - 4lbs 1oz

Tikan - Female - 3lbs 9oz

Flame - Female - 4lbs 3oz !
Typhoon - Male - 4lbs 2oz

Coco - Female - 3lbs 14oz
Did I say that these are some BIG puppies! Wow, they just continue to grow so quickly. They were introduced to toys and a new area last night. We've got a puppy cuddle chart to make certain the pups are getting picked up and held at least 8 times each day. Feet, toes and ears are played with and fur is stroked backwards and forwards so that the pups become very acquainted with the human touch. They are doing so well and so is Rayna. They began to notice each other at about 10 days old and eyes fully opened at 12.

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