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Thursday, June 5, 2014

More Spring Firsts

Marsh Marigolds

May 28th - Marsh Marigolds and Dandelions popped out 
May 29th - Skeeters chased me in the house at 6PM
May 30th - Black flies appeared
May 30th - The dogs' ears were treated with black fly ointment for the first time this season
June 3rd - Straw bale garden planted except for broccoli. Now if I could only figure out which seedlings are the broccoli. Note to self - Label them!
June 3rd - The dogs were noticeably bothered by the mosquitoes from about 6PM-dusk.
June 4th - First dragonfly spotted!
June 4th - Skeeters so bad that I could not safely open the doors between 6PM and 9:30PM and then they went to bed in the trees.

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