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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Kennel Helpers: A brushing extravaganza!

Q checks out the person in the bug net. It was buggy that day!

Oken, Aise and Illy go in for smooches.
Fillin' up the big water tubs

It's that time of year again: shedding season! We were fortunate to have two eager kennel helpers over the weekend who really dug into that chore and managed to "harvest" a 5 gallon bucket of the fluffy stuff. When the bulk of shedding season is complete, our harvest will be shipped off to our friend in New Jersey who will spin it into yarn, she calls "sled dog chengora", and make hats, scarves and mittens out of it.

Our helpers were also here digging into the details of caring for all 32 dogs during our absence. We need to be away from the kennel for a while this summer and these are two of the people who will be caring for our furry family. A lot goes into a life with 32 dogs and they got to experience a weekend of the routine. I'm fairly sure they left us tired but fulfilled. I sure do appreciate the great care they showed for our dogs during their stay and I know I'll feel more comfortable leaving the homestead knowing they'll be here, keeping things ticking along.

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