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Friday, May 16, 2014

Thinking out of the Box

Mosquitoes are definitely an issue in our remote location in the woods. We're thinking out of the box and are trying a container garden of mosquito repelling plants, thanks for friend of Points Unknown, Francine Alt-Greene. We've got the dirt all ready and now we just need some warm to get them planted. I have a feeling they'll be too small to do much good this bug season but if we keep them inside until next spring, they should be filled with mosquito repelling power.

I began some seeds in the house several weeks ago and they sit in a bright window, waiting warmer temperatures.

We've come to realize that if we want a garden up in our north woods paradise, we have to think out of the box and use a bale! You see, we have no soil to speak of so our research brought us to the use of straw bales for planting vegetables. Not only is this value to us but the blossoms will be valued by the honey bees. As far as the sled dogs know, it's just another object for urination. Thankfully, they're only hitting the sides!

It takes 10+ days to condition the straw bales to make them ready to plant. We've been using organic fertilizer and water in various amounts on specific days. Now if we could only get some nice warm temperatures so that the bales begin to "cook". With a low of 25 degrees expected over night, I think we're a ways off! Stay tuned.

Once the bales are set out with the cut side up, we've been adding organic fertilizer every couple of days and soaking the bales with water each day.

The bales still need to be conditioned for several more days and then we'll pound stakes into the ground on either side, put a 2x4 in between them at the top for stability and then string them with electric fence wire so the vine crops will have something to climb. Stay tuned for updates. If you'd like regular updates about this and our life with the dogs, "like" and follow us on facebook!

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