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Monday, May 5, 2014

Points Unknown in Cartoon World

This cartoon was inspired by a photo of the Points Unknown sled dogs heading into the woods on an early winter run. From Dik La Pine - "Last November Linda Newman of Hovland ordered some greeting cards from Ice Box Cards, and I blotched up her order. She was so gracious not to be upset with me that I had to look her up on facebook to see what she was all about. She is living my cartoon dream of living as a dog sledder in the Far North regions of Minnesota. On her page she had a pic displayed that I tried to make into a cartoon. Let me know if you all think I caught it. I call the pic, "Not Knowing Where We Are Going But Getting There Fast." Thanks, Linda, for the purchase and the inspiration for this cartoon."
Here's the photo that inspired the cartoon. How fun is that?!

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