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Friday, April 5, 2013

Spring Clean Up

Removing bales of straw from each kennel

This winter was the iciest I can remember. Ice in the kennels meant loads of straw on top to help everyone, dogs and people alike, stay safe. Now we're paying the price. We've done two passes through each kennel with likely another two to go once all of the ice and snow melts. Once the temps warm up, we'll hose out all of the dog houses and clean them with bleach. And this year, no shade cloths to put up in these kennels! Why? Well, we'll be moving the dogs up to our Irish Creek Homestead by mid June and before the sun gets too hot for them here in Watertown.

For those of you who know northeastern Minnesota, you're probably wondering why on earth we would move them in June, right in the middle of BUG season. We've discovered a wonderful invention called the Skeeter Vac! During the build last year in June and July and right at the height of BUG season, we tried this contraption for the very first time and could not believe the results. (No, this is not an infomercial) Short sleeve shirts were worn and no BUG shirts or BUG repellent were needed. We plan to have two at work in the dog yard and by our house to serve double duty. Each will work in a 1.5 acre area. Must see to believe!

Until then, we'll continue our spring cleaning here in Watertown. As I type, I see snow coming down. So, I guess spring has been delayed yet again. Usually, we're all for a long, cold and snowy winter. Right now, however. Let Spring begin!

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