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Friday, April 5, 2013

SFN - New Beekeeper!

Look at that wax!
Scent from Nature has done a lot of growing over the past year and the wax from our current beekeeper, that would have lasted until this September, only lasted until last January! We began our search for a new Minnesota beekeeper early last year and it wasn't until the very end of the year that we found one that fit our special requirements. We care deeply about the quality of our wax, how it is processed and how the honey bees are managed.  It must have a naturally fragrant, sweet honey scent. We found what we were looking for in these northern Minnesota Beekeepers. Our first delivery of wax was personally escorted to our Watertown location a couple weeks ago. We couldn't be more pleased and have already begun making candles with this canary yellow and scrumptious smelling pure beeswax. Our second delivery of wax will come in June and will be the very first beeswax we will receive at our Irish Creek Homestead in the Arrowhead Region of Minnesota.

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