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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Phoenix and Ari - 7 Years Old.



Phoenix, Ari and their sister Rosie, living with Uktousa Kennel in New Hampshire, turn seven years old today! They are deep Hedlund line Alaskan Huskies out of Ilo, (Hedlund and Joe Redington Sr lineage) and Tulipq (deep Hedlund lineage).

We couldn't ask for better sled dogs and furry companions. Phoenix is one of our very best open country leaders, taking commands on a dime with no trail in sight. Ari joined us later in life and we've not helped him reach his full leadership potential due to other young leaders we've been working on in the kennel. He doesn't seem to mind and just puts 100% into whichever position we place him.

We love these boys!

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