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Friday, November 2, 2012

Expect the Unexpected

Irish on her last run of the season. No worries, read on.

Expect the unexpected. Isn't that what they say?

With the thoughtful addition of several puppies over the last year and a half, with Ryden being our final, our kennel expansion was now complete. Or so we thought.

No matter the intention, direction or plan. No matter how hard you organize and manage, the universe likes to throw a curve ball now and again to make sure you're paying attention. And the universe did just that to us on October 11th.

Unfortunately, we're having an unplanned litter. The most unfortunate part about it is that it is Irish. She turns a year old this month. It has never been our intention or desire to breed a girl so young and it breaks my heart that things happened as they did. That being said, a wise person told me to take it as a gift. (Thanks, Mom!) Irish will be fine and the pups may very well be the best we've ever had. So, I can either beat myself up about it or just accept it and move on. I've been fairly good at beating myself up over the years but then came to realize that it just hurts too darn much and stopped.

Here's the story.

Irish went out of heat on October 1st and went through her entire cycle. I put her in with Ari(fixed), Journey and White Feather to live and let her play with Ilo (intact) in the yard, in a group, on several occasions. Then Aise went into standing heat which means she was now receptive. I had her in the back yard kennel which is in the center of a big play area. Of course, Ilo was interested in Aise. This was about a week after Irish went out of heat. That day, Ilo was showing some interest in Irish while they were out playing and he hadn't before. I thought it was just a displaced "passion" (versus aggression) since Aise was standing and didn't give it much thought. I went back out after just a few minutes and there they were. Tied. I was horrified. She's just a baby! I've since learned that Irish must have had a split heat cycle with Aise's heat pulling her back in. Very strange. Now I know and hopefully, if you have dogs, you can file this away in your knowledge bank so it doesn't happen to you.

We had an ultrasound yesterday to confirm it. There are at least three. Of course, Topa's showed three too and then there were seven.

Well, it is what it is. I researched all of the options and the best and safest one is to have the puppies. She's due on December 13th.

This is down in the "books" and on the record as our last litter for a few years or until our older dogs decide it's time to retire, whichever comes first. Ya year that, universe? No more curve balls!

Points Unknown may have a Hedlund Husky puppy or two available this winter to the right home(s). Be in contact with me if interested in being part of the Hedlund Husky Preservation Project.


  1. Hmmmmm . . . I would love to talk.

    And Linda, there is ALWAYS a reason for the curve balls, even if we can't conceive (no pun intended) of it! All that is ever expected of us is to show up, give it our best, and when nature has her way, find it in our heart to show the same compassion to ourselves as we would to others. We are, after all, human, which, by the way, is plenty for our canine loved ones.


  2. Very well said, Kathleen. You know how to reach me.