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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Sasha/Phoenix Potential Litter

Phoenix is quiet as can be and very unassuming until all of a sudden, with a burst of energy, he jumps straight up into the air.

Phoenix and Tuloon leading on the left and Sasha leading on the left.

Phoenix in the middle

Big Marshmallow

Sasha, what a sweetie!

Sasha's lean into the harness stance.

Having just bred Phoenix and Sasha, we're hoping for puppies the end of August!

Phoenix is a 6 year old Hedlund Husky. He's one of our best open country leaders that is 30 inches at the shoulder and 70-75lbs. Being extremely attentive, he will turn on a dime once given a command in harness. His work ethic is exceptional and he is intensely focused. When off duty, he's the biggest marshmallow you'll find. It's amazing to see a 75lb intact male being so gentle, tolerant and playful with young puppies and young humans. Phoenix has some traditional Joe Redington Senior blood on his sire's side with the remainder of his lineage being deep Hedlund.

Sasha is a 2 1/2 year old Alaskan Husky with lineage mainly from our Points Unknown Zulu line and a dash of Hedlund Husky. Weighing in at 64lbs, she's a nice size female. She lives in a nearby kennel where she leads a small team. She has the intense work ethic that runs in our Zulu line. Sasha is energetic, sweet as can be and is extremely people oriented.

We can't be more excited about this pairing!