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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Out of the Heat Twilight Zone


Illy and Aise

Ilo and Zala

Journey still has her huge winter coat!

Sweet Pea is naked, having lost her coat a couple months ago.

Tuloon decides to nurture her grandpuppy this time instead of torment her.

White Feather, Illy and Aise

White Feather and Journey

Wimzi, Oken and Aise

Tuloon dares Illy to get another closer. Every time she does, Tuloon lifts her lips up and snarls.

Illy with Grandma Tuloon in the back ground

Phoenix, Tuloon and Illy

Topa and Aise

70s and breezy today! The dogs and I think that this is the way a good summer day should feel. They were bouncing off the kennel walls this morning, excited about getting out to run and play in this wonderful weather.

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