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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Heat Index of 122!!

Lounging around in the air conditioning

Klaus is still hot once inside with his winter coat intact

Blueberry doesn't mind the extra company but Copper isn't too happy about it

Klaus watches Topa eat her Nylabone. He's got one too but wants hers!

With the combined temperature and dew point, the heat index was 122 degrees here in central Minnesota today! This has been the absolute worst year for bugs and heat and the sled dogs and I just are down right sick of it all. Who would have thought that Minnesota would ever be having higher dew points than the Amazon!

Those dogs most vulnerable have been staying inside in the air conditioning. That changes from time to time based upon how far along they are in their healing from the bug and heat induced ailments. So far we've had various dog with hot spots sparked by bug bites. Now we've got four dogs on antibiotics and in various stages of healing.

Phoenix is one of the lucky ones to be inside, depending upon how you look at it. Despite aggressive attempts to keep the flies off of his ears, the tip of one has now been eaten to the skin and he needs to remain inside to heal. This dog must have a chemistry that attracts the flies more than others because he is forever having issues when most of the dogs are not even bothered. Sweet Pea had an infection between her shoulder blades at the contact point of the Frontline I put on her several weeks ago. Klaus is one of our older dogs and has yet to begin shedding his winter coat! Topa, although recovered from the hot spot on her head, is now recovering from one on her lower jaw. Then there's Tuloon. She's inside because she's Tuloon.

Tomorrow is predicted to be an even hotter day! Hard to imagine. So three groups of five dogs will take turns being in crates in the air conditioning for several hours at a time with the most vulnerable dogs being inside during the hottest part of the day.

We are supposed to get a cold spell on Thursday when it drops down to 88 degrees. Dew points are also expected to drop drastically.
I sure hope all of this heat and humidity means a long and cold winter.

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