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Friday, August 1, 2008

McKenzie Turns 7 Today!

McKenzie at 7 years old.

Since McKenzie has only been with us since April, I have no puppy photos to include so I decided to attempt to snap a few good shots of the birthday boy today. As you can tell by the tongue, it was and has been very hot here in central Minnesota. The dogs and I say "no thanks" to this kind of weather and anticipate the cool fall days so training can begin.

So, sweet McKenzie turns seven years old today. He has had virtually no issues adjusting since his arrival in April. He eats well, gets along well with everyone, makes no noise whatsoever and is just generally a mild mannered, happy chap. His favorite friend in the kennel is Sweet Pea, who turns 6 next week. Those two run frantically around the kennel after each other, jumping, nipping and twirling. I eagerly await the chance to harness him for the first time and bring him into the Points Unknown "work force". I have no doubts he will be as much a joy in harness as he is out.

Happy Birthday to McKenzie!

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