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Saturday, August 9, 2008

Canicross Hike: Carver Park in August

Zodiak, ready to greet the others

Zodiak at 10 mos old

Out on the trail

A break in the shade

A beautiful sunny day with bright blue skies and big white puffy clouds presented itself for our hike today. Temps were in the mid 70s and there was a slight breeze to keep the mosquitoes away, however they were minimal. It rained last night so the air was a bit sticky but it was still a pleasant day for hike and nothing like the heat and humidity we experienced last month.

10 Month old Zodiak was my trail companion. It sure will be nice when he grows up! He's an excellent puller and then he catches a glimpse of something fun in the bushes and in he goes. He will work straight ahead on the trail until he sees something fun on the other side and over that way he goes. We practiced "on by" quit a bit today and by the second portion of the hike, he remembered what it meant and did change his behavior quickly when he heard it. A few "gee over" commands were given and when his response looked even the slightest bit close to an actual "gee over" the praise was laid on thick. He's a good boy and really does learn quickly. When he matures, his ability to focus will improve. Right now he's just a big, happy puppy with loads of potential.

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