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Monday, September 29, 2014

Rayna/Arrow Breeding 2014


 We just bred Rayna and Arrow and are expecting puppies around Thanksgiving! 

 Rayna is from the Bassich line outside of Eagle, Alaska who we brought in to the kennel to provide some genetic diversity to our line. At 75lbs and 30" at the shoulder, we're hoping she brings some size into the females in our line who tend to be in the 50-65lb range. Rayna is a strong leader that is eager-to-please and she's a quick learner. Her temperament is mild mannered and steady like our deep Hedlund line. Rayna has an exceptional build. We are quite certain that these will be outstanding puppies!

Arrow is from our Hedlund Husky line with a dash of our Zulu line mixed in for good measure. He's 31" at the shoulder and weighs 78lbs. He is as eager-to-please as they come and is such a happy, goofy boy. His work ethic is outstanding. Having just started his leader training late last winter, we can see that special spark in him that comes from his papa Oken, one of our very best leaders in the kennel. Arrow has the dense coat we look for in our traditional line of sled dogs and an excellent structure.

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