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Monday, October 15, 2012

We Love Our Beekeepers!

Chuck and Marjean with Ginger
It's that time of year again! We just picked up our yearly ration of pure beeswax that will soon become our handcrafted Scent from Nature candles. The only beeswax used for our candles is the thin layer of wax that encapsulates the honey comb on each side if an individual frame of honey. Our beeswax was just harvested last month! For as long as we've been crafting our pure beeswax candles, it has come from a beekeeper family nearby. We've worked with them over the years to minimally process the wax just the way we like it so that it retains it's very best aroma and color.

Chuck and Marjean Hendrycks got into beekeeping in 1974 when they traded a pregnant milk goat for a honey bee hive. In 1986, they went from a few hives to over 500 and began their commercial beekeeping business. Now, with 1300 hives, they say they're close to retirement, although Chuck would like to continue with "only" about 500 hives in his retirement.

Because Scent from Nature is expanding, we're in the process of "interviewing" a few new beekeepers in our area and will work with them to make certain our wax remains as we like it. We're looking forward to adding to our beeswax family!


  1. They really are lovely candles. I ran across them the other day at Heartfelt in Linden Hills. I just kinda grinned to myself, knowing that I know the amazing woman who crafts them!