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Monday, September 3, 2012

Sasha/Phoenix Puppies; Birthday!

Sasha with her new arrivals.

Three males and two females

Resting comfortably

We're happy to announce the arrival of the much anticipated Sasha/Phoenix litter! Sasha owns one of our much appreciated kennel helpers, Chris and his family. She is from the Points Unknown Zulu line with a dash of Hedlund Husky. This is her first litter.

Phoenix lives right here at Points Unknown and is of deep Hedlund Husky lineage with a dash of Joe Redington Sr's old school Alaskan Husky lines. Phoenix puppies have been long awaited. Now they're here and we couldn't be happier.

Due to busy schedules and a nearly full kennel here at Points Unknown, dear friends Jim and Judy and granddaughters have graciously agreed to have Sasha in their home and help raise her puppies. We are so appreciative of their help.

We've got five healthy puppies, three males and two females, ranging in weight from 1lb to 1lb 2oz at birth. Our litters have typically been very light on males so we were delighted to have three males in one litter.

Puppy names have a Spanish theme and are as follows:

1.  MALE:  gray with white spot on head;18 oz.: "MANCHA"  (Spotty)
2.  MALE:  Brown, gray, black with four white feet, 16 oz:  "BOTAS" (Boots)
3.  MALE:  Tan and Black w/ partial white collar; 18 oz.:    "PINTO"
4.  FEMALE:  Brown, gray, black w/ white feet and white tip on tale, 16 oz:  "MIXTA"
5.  FEMALE:  Dark gray and black, 16 oz.      "HUMO"  (Smoke)

Happy Birthday!